Event Information

How to get there

By train

Exit the train at Showgrounds Station and walk to Gate 11A.

By bus

Enter through Gate 11A.


Enter via Gate 2 and exit via Gate 1.

Uber / Taxi

Enter via Gate 2.

Party Bus

Enter via Gate 2 and exit via Gate 1. 

Event Tips

Food & Drink

There will be multiple delicious food and drink trucks at the festival to keep you going! All food groups will be catered for; if you have a diet request please ask the vendors.

Red Frogs

If you have any problems and need to speak to someone, the Reg Frog team will be located at the entrance to the main stage area and walking around the festival, just ask them!


Almost all outlets will accept card primarily, however it may be handy to bring a small amount of cash.

Bring your ID

It is important to bring your ID otherwise you may be refused entry. Acceptable forms of ID can be found here.

Police Presence

Liquid Kandy Music Festival will have a heavy Police presence during the festival and offenders may be prosecuted for drug, alcohol, trespass or violence related matters.

First Aid

There will be First Aid personnel at various locations at the festival. Please refer to the festival map.

Cloak Room

There will be a cloak room located opposite the Be Safe tent. Cloak room pricing will be charged per item.

Bring a Bottle

Bring an empty water bottle (maximum 600ml) and you will be able to fill it up at one of many water stations inside.


There will be a big range of merch available from our merch stand at the entrance to the main stage!

Banned Items

Please make yourself aware of the rules to avoid dissapointment and refusal of entry. Info on banned items can be found here.


There will be heavy security at the festival managing fence lines, entry points, bars, food trucks, stage, toilets, and dance floors. If you have a security related issue we urge you to find and speak to a security guard.

Zero Tolerance

Liquid Kandy Music Festival has a zero tolerance to any person, is violent in any way to any person, causes damage to property or trespasses. If this occurs, the offender will be removed off site immediately and handed to Police to action accordingly

Age Requirements

Liquid Kandy Music Festival is STRICTLY FOR OVER 18’S ONLY. If you are under 18 years you CANNOT attend the event. Every ticket holder MUST produce a valid form of ID to prove their age. It is essential that ALL types of ID must contain your D.O.B, a photo and your full name.

Accepted I.D.

Lost Property

If you lose any property OR leave an item in the Cloak Room by accident after you leave the Festival, please be advised that we will retain any item for you to collect after the event.

On the day of the Festival, ALL lost property will be handed to the Security Station. Feel free to attend at any time during the event to reclaim your lost item.

If you need to collect your item after the Festival, please e-mail lostproperty@liquidkandyperth.com.au. Please be aware it may take up to 5 working days for someone to respond, so please be patient. Any lost property that is still in possession of Liquid Kandy Australia Pty Ltd will be deemed permanently lost and handed to Perth Police Station located at 2 Fitzgerald Street, Northbridge.

Dress Code & Banned Items

Liquid Kandy Music Festival has a dress code in place for all our Music Festivals. Shirts must remain on at all times. Closed shoes are advised but we will not permit thongs. No bum bags, fanny packs, male side bags, man bags or back packs.

Ticketing & Entry

There will be a large Police and Security presence around the fence line and inside the venue. Any person attempting to gain access to the Festival unlawfully may result in serious injury plus any person entering the venue unlawfully will be caught by Security and handed to Police where we will pursue criminal charges of Trespassing.

Every ticket holder that enders the Festival will be issued with a secure locking wristband. In the event that any person is located inside the Festival without a secure locking wristband, you will be handed to Police where we will pursue criminal charges of Trespassing.

There is a large expense to bring Artists to Perth and the infrastructure of a large scale Festival, hence why we rely on ticket sales from our valued patrons.




Security, Police & Entry Policy

No patron with a ticket will be accepted after 7pm, as this is the Festivals lock out time.

Liquid Kandy Music Festival has a zero tolerance to any patron in possession of any non-prescribed pharmaceutical or illicit drug and alcohol. Anyone patron deemed to be substance affected will be automatically handed to Red Frog or First Aiders. In the event Security believe any patron is heavily intoxicated or heavily under the influence of any non-prescribed pharmaceutical or illicit drug, Police will be notified and the Emergency services will be contacted. Patrons under the influence will not be issued a refund.

COVID-19 has shocked the world. For a safe and healthy environment and event, ALL patrons entering must scan the QR Code on the Safe WA App, so we can track all patrons entering the venue.

No ticket. NO ENTRY. No ID. NO ENTRY! There is a no refund policy.

ALL Patrons ID’s will be checked at every Main Entry point. All patrons will have their bags checked.

If Security find that you have any drugs or alcohol on you, you will be taken to the Police where they will take further action.

All patrons will be patted down for prohibited items or metal detection devices used of their body.

Security will take ZERO TOLERANCE to belligerent and aggressive behaviour. If this occurs, you will be ejected from the Festival immediately and not issued a refund.

It must be clearly noted that agreeing to the above is a condition of entry. In the event that you choose to decline or refuse, Security will not force you to show them the contents in your bag, nor we will Security force you to take the drug or breath test, but it must be clear that refusal means you will be denied entry and you will not be issued a refund.

Please note: There is a NO PASS OUT policy, so once a patron has entered the festival, you can only leave to go home and cannot re-enter. No refunds will be issued if you leave early.

Liquid Kandy Music Festival have assigned Ace Security + Events to manage all festival security. 

Liquid Kandy Music Festival have assigned Red Frog and St John to manage any patrons with medical conditions, injuries or concerns.

Claremont Showgrounds is a SMOKE FREE. This also means no vapours.

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